Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Lance Lance Revolution

I wish i could fly. that would be sweet.

Ok, back to reality. If I were Eminem, oh, there would go gravity. I’m not really sure where gravity could actually go, considering it is a conceptualization that mankind that doesn’t actually physically exist. Kind of like time. Which is actually really relevant to this blogger clogger banana-nana fo flogger, because I have to pick a place to begin. Naturally a logical progression of time would suggest that I start at the beginning.
But what is the beginning? Because every beginning is the end of something else which could be considered the middle of another event. To me, time is kind of like a spider-web. Each string is connected to another, which is connected to another, which ends up forming this complex thing in which every string is rooted in those around it, which are rooted in those around the next one. And the next one. You get the point. One falls, we all fall kind of mentality. In my messed up literary methaphorical thesis, each string is needed in order to tell a story that transitions into the next story, which may transition into another best-seller. Some are more juicy then others. Like if a fly got trapped in it. Those are the ones that show up in your obituary. Those are the ones that people judge you on. Those are the ones that you will be remembered by. Which is totally unfair if you think about. Because the fly would fall on its face without the other strings. I mean, without N’Sync, would JT have brought sexy back? Though the album was great, it should probably be changed to “Yes, strings attached”

In real talk, welcome to the blog. Where your word is heard. Unless of course your word is the bird.

Trust me, you'll be entertained. And my name isn't even cedric.

Song of the day: the rock show, Blink 182 fresh from the album, take off your lance and jacket. classic sauce.


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