Sunday, June 13, 2010

iDig This Shiznat. So Does Jack Black

As I am writing this post to the blog blog audience of the world, iAm proud to say iAm a proud owner of an apple computer. This is huge, people. What this means

-I'm instantly tremendously more hipster
-iShould start wearing beanies even when its not cold
-I have to start giving into branding strategies that emphasize an "on the go" lifestyle
-iHave to be in good shape, but not enter a gym
-iHave to do every day tasks like checking my e-mail in public places to flaunt how trendy I am
-I have to start drinking Odwalla
-My job can't be monotonous or boring
-My clothes must vibrant colors
-I have to wear shoes with two different color laces
-I have to tweet a lot more
-I have to listen to bands such as vampire weekend
-From now on, I have to prefer organic food
-I have to like soccer much more than the average american
-Coffee shops
-I am obligated to "express myself" as much as possible to give off the impression that I am a fun, exciting person that you would like to grab lunch with. ------Lunch would be a chicken caesar salad and frozen yogurt.

Being that I have pretended do half these things for the past few months, I am rather excited to embark on this journey. Basically, this means that the blogosaurus rex will spread tremendously more awesome sauce. Spicy.

More to come in the next few days. The blog is back and its better than ever. (For christmas, this year.)

Being that I can do really cool shit now, enjoy this movie, the first of many. I plan on making this thinger much much more media-ish:

Why Don't You Party Hard (School Of Rock):

Song of the day:

i just gave you two in the video, you fool. jeez (and crackers)