Monday, July 12, 2010

Four Boss Things:


If you stalk me, you may have noticed my writing is moving towards this website known as the bleacherreport. I am now a featured columnist there (sounds prestigiously awesome, right?), so if you wanna read up on sportzz i'll be there. I'm focusing on pop-culture and sports, which is pretty much sick nasty

2. Caleb McConachie

Sorry for all of you dedicated readers, but this kid is by far the biggest boss who reads this blog. Mr. Caleb, all the way from Oregon trail land, is the first individual to ever send fan mail regarding this blog. Obviously, I was flattered. I sat there on my friends floor, definitely not hungover at all from the july 4th gtown festivities, reading this e-mail that was the pure essence of awesome sauce. I sat there for about 10 minutes thinking of what I should say because I was so honored, and then I wrote something stupid about how I did not know how to react to receiving fanmail. I didn't mention TLC, although I probably should have. For the 92% of you who don't get that joke, fanmail was an awesome album made by TLC

Caleb has set the bar, folks. And I assure you that I wouldn't be able to high jump it.

3. Another sauceome follower and pretty dominant mashup artist, DJ Bahler, released a new mashup album this past week. Its called "mashin pit," and every single track features at least one song from the (i don't even know what to categorize them as) coolio band Passion Pit.

I especially liked this track that I just amatuerishly linked right here:  file:///Users/Lpauker/Desktop/05%20Open%20Secret.mp3  

Hopefully the link works, it is baller in every sense of the word, as it features the instrumental to Taylor swifts fearless throughout most of the song. 

4. Slightly hipsterly emo, but these guys are just too good:

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  1. I already feel cool for being called a Boss.
    Keep spreadin' that sauce man!