Friday, July 16, 2010

Guest post from the china

The mafia has taken his many talents to china, where he will be living his life for the next six months. apparently, they aren't a fan of my blog over yonder


Words of Wisdom from The Mafia

So when I woke up this morning in a room in a youth hostel in the Xuhui district of Shanghai, seeing as I had absolutely nothing else to do (it was 5 am) I decided to check me email. After wasting ten minutes or so reading all that was in my inbox and responding the the messages that didn't come from facebook, a website considered to dangerous for use by the mighty Chinese Communist Party, I decided to try to read the blog to see if I had missed any spectacular posts by The Revolution. What I found shocked me. The most valuable blogspot address known to man is blocked in China, and I am no longer able to read the blog I love so dearly. So i'm writing this for 2 reasons. First, so the unlucky chinese man who has to read my emails can know how pissed off I am at this fucking absurdity, and second, so that you the valued readers of the blog can begin to understand how powerful the blog is, as its considered too dangerous and seditious for people in China. Now thats something to think about

Peace, Love and a Favorable Exchange Rate,

-The Mafia


song of the day: The first minute of this mashup may very well be the greatest thing I have ever heard. the rest isn't too bad either, but the first minute is just jack black craaazy good

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