Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 10 "Most College" songs of the year

Another year, another 300000 kegs tapped.

Amidst the all-nighters, blacking out, popped collars, Ugg boots with leggings, and BBM’s there was some sweet music played. Let’s take a look at the campus soundtrack of 2009-2010, guaranteed to make you nod your head like yea.

10.  Up, Up, and Away: Kid Cudi

The man on the moon skyrocketed to the big time this college year. Cudi allows even the most intense situations to be terminally chill. A fratacular pick, Up, Up, and Away served as an anthem sorts, especially for those interested in the adventurous hobby of Portland Trail Blazing. Cudi allows you to elevate to a great state anywhere, anytime.

9. Sleepyhead, Passion Pit

Walk into any student run coffee shop, and I guarantee you’ll here this song. Passion Pit represents everything that’s new and edgy with music, embodying a movement toward intellectualized yet creative expression.

Translation: A perfect fit for the trendy, artistic types.

8. She Wolf, Shakira

I was DJing a party a few months ago, and these girls came up to me saying “Play She Wolf! Pleasse! Its our favvvorrte song”

A pretty catchy song, I decided to let it out so it could breathe.

About 30 minutes later, the girls drunkenly return.
“Pleeasse play she wolf! We neeeeeeed to dance to shee wolff!”

Believe it or not, it happened one more time. I felt as abused as a coffee machine in an office.

7.  Say Aah: Trey Songz

Alcohol + raging hormones = I don’t know, do you?

6. Midd Kid: The Allen Jokers

The only reason why this isn’t number one is because half the country has never heard of this work of genius. 

Produced by students at Middlebury College, this song hits on everything that’s right and wrong with college. A celebratory coronation of the Lax Bro, Odwalla, and flannel, Midd Kid is this year’s version of “I’m on a Boat,” only a thousand  times better. Easily the best song on this list, and the video is so good that even Kanye wouldn’t diss it.

5. Daylight: Matt and Kim

Let’s scream because were young and idealistic and don’t have a care in the world. And when we graduate in two weeks, we are still going to be just as fun!

4. Party and Bullshit in the USA, Miley & Biggie

With the emergence of boss playa’s super mash bros, the mashup has become almost as coveted as Dos Equis’ most interesting man in the world. Almost.

Combining the fire of everyone’s favorite east coast rapper with the small town pop sensation heading to the big city for the first time to….pole dance at the nickelodeon teen choice awards? Party and bullshit in the USA defies every sense of the word “traditional.” Hip-pop is born, and it’s a pretty smashing party jam.

3. Tik Tok: Ke$ha

Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning feelin like P diddy?

Ke$ha and her immaculate dollar sign would be number one if it weren’t for the sheer monstrosity of the rate at which Tik Tok was overplayed. Overplayed=development of counterculture against a song. 
Counterculture=youth. Youth=College. College=Errrbody gettin’ krunk.

Back at square one. Still, it’s not to imagine how fun it’d be getting slizzard with Ke$ha.

2.  Chiddy Bang: Opposite of Adults (MGMT remix)

Rhyming is immaculate, flow is top notch, pop culture references are pristine, and it’s rapped over college’s favorite musical abbreviation for a management class, MGMT.


LMFAO has a pretty sweet deal. He sees his dream every day. He has parties in his mansion. He gets a lot of friend requests on myspace. And best of all, his grandma cooks him pancakes after morning sex.

Tell me of a better life.

The song encapsulates the aura of our generation’s unstoppable ego. Party Rock taken to the next level. YES.

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  1. Yo...Midd Kid is SICK
    Why haven't I heard this one