Friday, April 30, 2010

Adderall or nothing

I'm fired up.

The monster inside me rages like King Kong, ready to bust out of those chains and cause complete devastation to everything and anything in its path. Nothing gets a free pass. I don't care about your sympathies. Just get the fuck out of my way.

My head begins to pound like stacks of british currency. Body shaking, knees aching, and mind quaking, I charge on.

It's almost 3 in the morning. Other than a few overachieving stragglers with no social lives, the business school building is completely empty. Well, not totally empty. A mound of psychology facts and figures seems to have been kindly mutating uncontrollably on my desk over the past hour, menacingly mocking my unproductivity.

I begin to panic, even though I wasn't at the disco. Despite the fact that I had been studying for this test for days on end, there was still so much I still didn't know. Clearly, my usual preparation tactics had failed me. Yea, I studied more excessively than the rate at which Lil' Wayne Portland Trail Blazes, but I clearly needed an extra boost. An extra push. An extra edge.

Like any good war strategist, I came to battle with a solid second option. I unleashed the beast

Yep, that's what the kids are calling it these days.

So I drank my third monster energy drink of the day. And it worked. Almost immediately, I became more focused than that type of orange juice that thinks really hard (concentrate). For about three solid hours, I was on a tear. I was rocking my pysch book harder than Ben Folds and the suburbs.

6am rolls around. The overachievers must live there, because two of them hadn't left. Watching the sun rise, I make the triumphant trek back to my apartment. I believed that I had mastered my material.

 I was psyched.

Sleep: 7-11am
Class: 11:30-1
Lunch/Business meeting with friend, pertaining to the music video we are producing: 1-2
Crank out an article for the Hoya: 2-2:30
Class/studying more psych: 2:30-3:45

I am still drinking monster. I have some time to kill before my test and I just couldn't deal with going over Meaney's rat experiments and other pointless bullshit, so I sneak away to the piano rooms and serve up a quick blink 182 special. Work sucks, I know.

4:15. The moment of truth has arrived. I got my number two pencil and i'm ready to gooooo.....


The test was downright impossible. Not even Tom Cruise could have gotten an A.

Part of me feels like I made a bigger mistake than the United States of America in the 2000 election. And throw in 2004. Because I was pissed off on two terms.

One, my hard work didn't seem to pay off. Two, I had unleashed the beast. And for what? A C+ on a measley teest?

I have been drinking strange energy supplements continuously throughout this semester. No, I am not addicted to the stuff. But I might as well be.

The worst part of it is, I have no choice. If I could stop the rampaging behemoth, I would. Believe me. But the situation has gotten way out of hand.  I have to unleash the beast.

Well, I don't have to. There's always that option of failing out of school. I hear society loves that one.

What we are faced with here is a good old fashioned game of project triangle.

Todays contestants: GPA, Passion, Sleep.

You are only allowed to pick two out of the three.

GPA is a must. If you don't got one, you might as well walk into your job interview with a dunce cap. And no job=no money. And although we always say money isn't everything, lets cut the bullshit for at least a second. No money=societal outkast.

Sad, but true.

Sorry sleep, but I have to choose passion. Because if I don't, my soul will always be sleeping. Even if I set three alarms.

The worst part is, theres no money back guarantee. Losing sleep doesn't equal automatic GPA boost. But just like washing hands in a restuarant bathroom, it is strongly recommended.

To be honest, i'm freaked out. I may be destroying my body with these energy supplements. And for what? A job that i'm going to have to quit because i'll have heart problems from drinking too many energy supplements?

Now we're back to square one.

I don't know about you, but I can't seem to find a solution to this problem.

Maybe the limit does not exist.

song of the day: Up, up, and away: Kid Cudi

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