Thursday, April 22, 2010

Play Like A Champion Today

We are all obsessed with the next big thing.

Don’t believe me?

What about that midterm you’ve got coming up? No, you haven’t actually started studying.  But it’s looming over you like those really dark clouds right before a big thunderstorm. And you’ve got to get to work before the lightning strikes, otherwise it’s all over.

What about that formal in three weeks? You need to find something to wear. And quick. Because if your dress isn’t absolutely perfect, you may as well hitch a train to ridicule city. Population you.

People are always talking about what’s next. It’s like whatever is going on now clearly isn’t good enough. Ever.

Go to a pregame, and I guarantee you the primary topic of conversation is when everyone should leave for the party. Obviously that’s not a terrible thing to talk about at a pregame, but it’s the concept that kills me. People are so consumed with the potential, they seem to forget about the actual.

The pregame might actually have been fun. But since you spent the whole time texting some kid that you don’t even like, only because he happens to know where some party is, you wouldn’t know.

The funny thing is, there’s a good chance that you’ll get to that party you wanted to so desperately leave for and want to leave after about five minutes. You’ve talked to everyone you know. The line for the keg is way way way too long. And the dance floor is more crowded than the DMV.

You’ll spend the night party hopping. You may find one that is suitable, but party hopping is kind of like eating a bag of Chex Mix. You’ll keep eating whatever random shit you find in the bag, but not because you actually likethe little rice squares. The only reason you are still eating is because you have the bag, so you might as well. The only reason why you continue to party hop is because this party sucks, so we might as well find the next one. What else is there to do?

Maybe this party doesn’t suck. Maybe you just never gave it a chance.

Anticipation is dangerous. Although it’s sometimes important to gameplan for the future, I wouldn’t devise a full playbook too far ahead. Because you never know when you may have to make an in-game adjustment. Someone might get injured.

I am as much as a victim as anyone. Finishing up my second year of school, I can’t wait to move on. I can’t wait to finish up with finals and cruise on into summer. I can’t wait to spend  my next semester abroad.

I can’t wait to go to Denmark. It’s all I’ve been thinking about for the past month.

Maybe it’s because I’ve hit a wall here at Georgetown, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m just sick and tired of the same old routine. Maybe it’s because I want adventure. Maybe it’s because I’ve had more drama this year than a full season of the OC. Maybe I just want to experience something different.

Those are all valid points. But maybe, just maybe, all I’m doing is waiting for the next big thing.

Soon enough, we will all have graduated from our respective institutions. We will all have 9-5 jobs with little time for anything except our families, that one TV show we really like, calling babysitters, and making reservations at decently classy but-not-too-expensive Sushi restaurants.  

Soon enough, there will be no time for waking up at 12 just because we can. There will be no time for getting Taco Bell at 3:30 am because we feel like it. There will be no time for getting shitfaced on a Wednesday. There will be no time for wearing pink sunglasses and backwards hats, and still managing to look good.

If you are always looking towards grad school, college will never be the best four years of your life.

Play like a champion today.

 If you don’t, you’ll never know how to win in the future. 

Song of the day: Stuntin Like Mufasa

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