Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Classroom Musings

I used to be a morning person. Back in the "good old days," I woke up at 7am every Saturday to take the illustrious trip to the bagel store with the big D (my dad)

"The good old days." What a joke. its a made up concept if you really think about it. In reality, "the good old days" only exist to improve your perception of your past. Think about it. Although you consider today further from the good old days than the distance between earth and wherever the hell "The Visitors" come from, this very moment in time will be initiated into the "good old day" club in T minus 5 years.

Initiation is by no means easy. Prospective memories must pass through the ring of fire THE RING OF FIRE. wahoohaheahohoho.

I'm learning about humanistic psychology right now. I got the humanistic. I hit it once, I hit it twice.

In other news, I just figured out why Lane "Loyalty" Kiffin is the best recruiter in the land. Every time Mr. Kiffin touches a recruit, he instantly becomes immortal. How is this possible?

Well, it turns out the name "Lane Kiffin" is a complete farce. A charade brigade. A sham. A traveshamockery.

Consider the following photos, courtesy of Tobey Macguire:

Yep, thats right. Lane Kiffin is actually Jacob from Lost

Some other fun doppelgangers:

A rod and dude from Dragon Tales

This one actually legitimate: Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps

David Ortiz and Aloma Wright (Cat Lady from Mr. Deeds)

Ben Linus (Lost) and John Clayton

Aaand last but not least:

Ok, maybe they don't look anything alike. But it has been recently revealed that Lil Jon and Jack Black are brothers. And no, not in the endearing sense primarily used by groups of African-American males. Biological Brothers. Consider the following family traits:

-both have absolutely no business being in their respective occupational fields
-both are vastly less talented than their coworkers
-both yell more than they actually speak
-the phrase "now jump up lets get kraaazy" can refer to either individual
-Both only have one good leading role. (Lil Jon in "Get low," Jack Black in "School of Rock"
-From the volume at which they speak, deafness probably runs in the family

Hope you enjoyed that anthology of haphazard musings.

Anthology. hah. I thought that word just ceased to exist after the third grade.

At any rate, that wraps up this weeks edition of "what goes on in my brain during class." And we still have a half an hour left. Fiddlesticks.

song of the day:

The weather tells me its pretty much summer, so we might as well pretend like were in high school sneaking out on the beach late at night, lighting rocks on fire just because we can.

Sugar Ray: Under the sun


  1. he did well in the playoffs this year

  2. -the phrase "now jump up lets get kraaazy" can refer to either individual

    What are you saying about my ability to GO CRAZY!!!!!! Nobody does it like me. I make $20,000,000 z picture to "GO CRAZYYY!!!!!"

    You'll see when Spuds McTater comes out and that I am just a one note actor that only knows how to GO CRAZYYY!!!! I'm a one note actor that plays a potato that knows how to GO CRAZYYYY!!!! Love the show though man. Keep GOING CRAZZZZAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!

  3. wow let's not talk about this year. it doesn't count.