Friday, April 9, 2010

Insert pop culture reference that pertains to our lives *here*

I was sittin on the dock of the bay, wasting time. And then it hit me.

Maybe it was because I was in one of those vulnerable states where nothing else in the world mattered except for how insanely soothing my feet felt immersed in the serenest of oceans, I don't know. All I know is that pretty much out of nowhere, something clicked. And no, not like that Adam Sandler movie.

You probably are thinking you have no idea what I'm talking about. Its funny how people think that. They'll read something littered with esoteric metaphors and sophisticated adjectives and automatically turn their brains off. Thank God soulja boy never did that with his swag.

Maybe it was the heat of the moment telling me what to do, i'm not really sure. But for whatever reason, I looked down. And what I saw was sheer beauty.

Yea, I saw my reflection....

Hilarious, I know. but that's not what I meant. Because I saw something more. I saw:

-the sign
-your face. now i'm a believer
- mommy kissing santa claus.

But above all, I saw someone at the crossroads. And even though he was more clueless than Brittany Murphy as to which route he should take, I saw a quietly assured confidence. The kind of confidence that doesn't declare itself as such, pretty much the opposite of movies like sherlock holmes. I mean seriously, chill out. Just because you have Robert Downey Jr. AND Jude Law doesn't mean your the greatest thing since those massage chairs at the mall that everyone loves, but never actually buys

I saw someone who claims they aren't afraid to take risks, but deep down they are terrified, because a risk isn't a risk unless it elicits some type of fear.

I saw a chronic sports enthusiast, someone who likes watching sportscenter reruns more than emelio asks to change adam sandler's socks.

I saw someone who has an irrational fear of doritos. I saw a closet emo kid who is proud of being a closet emo kid. I saw someone who embraces the flow of the river, but always makes sure to ride his own boat, just in case the river gets too out of hand. I saw someone that is sometimes more stubborn than one of those picnic tables at the beach that are stuck to the ground but you don't really realize it until your back is thrown out. And trust me, that hurts.

I saw someone that knows they are flawed, but would never change those flaws for anything. I saw someone who acknowledges they wasted their potential in music, so is making up for lost time. I saw hot tub time machine. I saw a realistic idealist. Someone that is programmed to always see the best in people, even though he knows that people don't always bring their best.

I saw pain, but I also saw gain. I saw someone who thinks way too much for his own good, yet thrives on the thought explosion all the same.

I saw someone who likes nothing better than walking down the street with their I pod on full blast, bopping to the rhythm ala Will Smith in the fresh prince intro.

I saw someone who is freaked out by the future, but doesn't really care because he is on fire. And I think he's ready to bust a move.

Wow, that was longer than that speech given out by that one random administrator nobody cares about at high school graduation. I know I gave you a list the length of a years worth of grocery shopping, but to be honest, you could scratch that.

I saw a brand. my brand.

If that was narcisstic, I apologize. But not really.
Always make sure that you are your biggest fan. Because if you don't wear your own jersey, do you think anyone else would ever buy it?

I guess what i'm trying to say here is that no matter where life takes you, just always rep who you are. rep your brand.

I don't care if your brand is sitting on the couch all day smoking weed. Its still you. And if you aren't proud of that, you might as well throw away your lighter.

I know half of you are probably just fed up with this post and think this is a complete waste of time, and would like nothing more than for me to remove my tampon and get back to posting random funny shit.

To you I say, GOOD. Because thats your brand. Rep that shit.

song of the day: sittin on the dock of the bay, sara bareilles


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  2. Smiley Mcsmile, thanks for that. Kelly, i've been meaning to install that option for days.

  3. When I looked down, all I saw was a fish. and it was looking back up at me. Through me. And I saw myself. In the fish. This is no mere fish. This fish can dance. Sing. Grandma? No. Truth flies above, but lies fly higher. Don't touch it. Because you're on fire. In your closet. Don't open the door. FLASH.