Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Midd Kid Revolution

Let's be honest. In the grand scheme of things, most days are exceedingly irrelevant. Most days could be crossed off the calendar before they even start. Yawn.

Why do I flood you with such unwarranted negativity?

Because sadly enough, the majority of your days are muddled in routine. And unless your life script features Shia LeBouf, you're not going to get too much transformation in your filmography.

Luckily, for every Shia LeBouf, there exists a Megan Fox. 

hope you don't mind the pic. thought so.

Add Megan Fox to your life script, and the game completely changes. Yawns become fawns, mundane becomes  insane, and moaner becomes....

Maybe that wasn't the best of metaphors, but it certainly caught your attention. 

Every now and then, something comes along that challenges our life script. Motivational, inspirational and overall sensational, this "something" refreshingly disrupts conventional wisdom, offering a new way produce your indigenous blockbuster screenplay. 

In 1969,  a generation defined itself by sticking it to the man and his rich uncle. These days, those fields are just as legendary as the grounds at Gettysburg.   

In 1984, Apple Inc. told us to think different. 25 years later, iCan do pretty much anything iWant. 

And in 2010, these guys made a music video:

Call me crazy, but this video is the start of something bigger than John Mayer's body.

It's the start of a cultural revolution.

Produced by students at Middlebury College, "Midd Kid" encapsulates the aura of our generation. It encapsulates our persona. It encapsulates our swag.

Yes, this is video is absolutely ridiculous on several accounts. But that's the beauty of it. Because Mid Kidd is the product of true, uninhibited learning. It respects the institution of higher education just enough to mock it. By creating an overly dramatic, semi-indie, exaggeratedly stereotypical mantra of college life, this explosion of audio and visual eye candy creates an image that is not only appealing, but relate-able.

No, I have never been to Middlebury College. I know one kid who goes there, and I haven't spoken to him since the time when myspace was more popular than facebook. But after watching this video more times than
the rate at which the band disturbed screams during their songs, I feel like I go there. The Midd Kid video, while embracing cultural idiosyncrasy's at Middlebury, offers a funny, yet highly accurate and culturally relevant commentary on both college life and pop culture.

Asher Roth meets the Lonely Island. Jay Z meets Robert Frost. Boy meets World.

Ok, scratch the third one.

Above all, Midd Kid embodies the ethos of our generation, and translates it into success. It tells us that achievement can be fun. Shirt and ties are not always required to make it rain in the real world. These guys are walking proof of that.

"I’m a Midd Kid yo and I’m livin’ it up
but I got too much work so I’m “Lib”in it up
Don’t get me wrong man I do what I please
feelin’ great cause I am and I gotta succeed"

Translation: Yea, i'm staying in to do homework, but its not because I have to. Its because I want to.  Getting good grades is part of my swag, and I'm damn proud of that.

Lastly, the references to pop culture are sweeter than that girl wyclef jean raps about.

"I get in box like gmail"- funny, raunchy, and at the same time, comments on the inferno that is the Google revolution

Polo shirts, northface, and all the classics. Lax Bro's, don't take offense, but every generation needs a stereotype. Move over, gangstaaa's

Let's recognize the fact that these guys are ushering in a new time. Our time. These guys have paved the way for us to shine. Let's give some fools sunburn.

If you don't, you're just a f*cking muggle.


  1. Well then I'm a muggle. This portrayal is sad. Our generation is still all about "getting" things that don't really matter. These kids go to the library to get good grades, not to learn. They go to parties to hook up with girls and drink shitty beer and call this a "good time" - the lack of fulfillment in this lifestyle is scary. This video says we are just as lost as the yuppie culture of the 1980s. We have laxbros instead of useless corporate execs, but it's the same deal. Everyone in this video is looking for meaning, and no one will find it. We are complacent with this existence. We should want more - like friendships, relationships, intellectual growth, service to the world, and video games.

    I am studying at Middlebury this summer, but the "Midd Kid" reference to mediocrity is too strong to ignore. That's what everyone is now: the Midd Kid. Everyone has the same untucked, collared shirts, the same sunglasses - everyone drinks the same beer and plays the same drinking games. Where's the individuality? The leadership? The reform? You really gonna settle for less?

  2. You can find all that The Mill.

  3. As the person who shows Lan$e this video, I cannot disagree more with the first post. Midd Kid is my shit

  4. James,

    You are entitled to you opinions of course, but I think you are completely missing the point.

    Mediocrity? are you kidding me? this was PRODUCED entirely by COLLEGE KIDS. not professionals.

    you say these people go to the library to get good grades, not to learn. does that mean people who are successful work long hours because they love their job, and don't care about money? of course not.

    Thats the beauty of this video. It tells us success could be fun.

    Being that this was an INDEPENDENT STUDY project, these guys took it UPON THEMSELVES to create this. it extends intellectual motivation beyond the classroom. if that's not individuality and leadership at its finest, i don't know what is.

    the video does not care about meaning. rather, it is a celebration of college life. of our culture. Someone once told me "its college, man." Just let go for a second, and enjoy the moment.

    The enduring meaning is there. Just because theres no shaekespeare or chaucer doesn't mean its poetic genius.