Sunday, April 18, 2010

I need college

I'm moving. kind of

I'm not really moving. I guess my displacement is more akin to Skeeter Valentine's in that episode in Doug where he claims he is moving. Doug is all upset and bummed out because his best friend will be gone, but it turns out that Skeeter was just moving his bedroom to his basement.

(now would be a good time to do that honking thing he always did) What a blue buffoon.

Tiki barber is missing Ron Dayne. Clearly.

Anyway, I got somewhat of a job at this place called "I need college" Apparently that phenomenon is a must have these days, so i figured i'd go give people some. Anyways, i'll be writing for them twice a week or so, so some of my posts will be transferred to there.

My posts for I need college will be, as always, of the awesome sauce variety. If you have any ideas for posts, show me what you got (lil mama)

Here's my first post. It's about the five songs that you need to have for your college pregame in order to make it cooler than school children.

If you comment on it, i'll love you. Always, forever. Near and far, oceans together.

song of the day

All American Rejects: Night Drive

some solid madden 06 action

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