Monday, March 15, 2010

Gar, Peter

Everyone likes new and interesting music. Well, except for that kid who doesn't own an article of clothing that isn't black. He only likes disturbed and megadeth.

No dissing that guy. He seems pretty happy rocking out to 'down with the sickness,' so we should let him be. plus, society needs those guys. If they didn't exist, there would be nobody to own thrift stores and liqour stores that seem intimidating at first but never actually card because they all started drinking at age 12.

In the social family tree, these guys are the infinitely cooler cousins of hot topic shoppers. Come on, the only bracelets these guys wear are the ones with those spiky things.

Anyway, if you aren't one of these people who refuse to smoke cigarettes anywhere else than scary dark alleys, I have some new and interesting music for you.

No, LFO didn't come out with a new album. sorry if i got your hopes up..

College kids love mashups. but all most of you know is girl talk and super mash bros. heres 5 mashups that you will appreciate more than those cheerleaders. 2, 4, 6, 8. I wonder why they hate odd numbers. Maybe that guy odd todd gave them all bad grades in middle school geometry or something.

1. Circle of Fifths, Milkman

some samples: Still the one (orleans), lean on me (bill withers), viva la vida (coldplay), here it goes again (ok go), some hardcore gangsta rap.

2. The Legion of Doom: The Quiet Screaming

Brand news the quiet things no one ever knows mixed with dashboard confessionals screaming infidelities. more immaculate than morgan freeman's voice.

3. Just let it Tok: DJ Jewboy

Let it rock vs. tik tok vs. just dance. and theres even some gucci mane thrown in. a muscial orgasm.

4. If i were a free falling boy: Dj earworm

its the soothe fairy

5. My name is back in black: MTV mashups

listening to this will cause you to use up all your music good stuff points, so be careful

we dont have enough music on this one, so i probably shouldn't have a song of the day. i probably shouldn't be all sarcastic either.

nothin on you: b.o.b. ft. bruno mars

ps. comment! i really want to hear your feedback, i don't care if you like what i have to say or not. i am here to serve you, so you are pretty much the rick ross boss.

heres another great one, submitted by the man, the myth, the legend, robby lewis. its tipsy from st louis' finest (j kwon) and island in the sun.

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  1. hi Lance,
    Long time reader first time poster. I am writing about a problem I have. I loaned my friend 15 dollars around 3 months ago and feel weird about asking for it now. I asked him 3 or 4 times but he never had the keesh on him as all his funds were tied up in equity. What would you do (if your son was at home)?

    With great admiration and respect,
    Hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous