Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gone Fishing

Some people live in safety nets.

I would consider this unwise for a number of reasons. First of all, most nets are rather easy to get tangled in. Think about it. if you live in a safety net, your home is automatically going to be twisted, confusing, and something that you catch a fish in. And although seafood is rather gnarly, fish have mercury. Your diet is now poisonous, becaiuse the only thing that your fucked up net could actually catch is trout. The same trout that you have been eating for the past 15 years.

Some people fish with the same net all their lives.

Yea, you wan’t to eat other things. You really do. Metaphorically speaking, there are other fish to be fried. You’ve heard wild salmon is good, and you really want to try it. But your net doesn’t. Because the net doesn’t think that way. Why? Well first of all, nets don’t think. Nets are only something you hold onto. The tighter the grip, the more intimate you become with it. The more intimate you become with it, the more attached you become to it. The more attached you become, the harder it is to let go.

Eventually, you may get to a point where can’t let go. Like it or not, you’re stuck to this net. for good.

Don’t do that. There are other newer nets out there. As you become a more experienced fisher, continuing to use your old net may become rather prohibitive.

A professional quidditch player would be an idiot to use a cleansweep over a firebolt.

I ask you this, net-minder. What happens if the river becomes polluted? What if the river floods? What if the river experiences a drought?

You never know. it could happen at anytime. Times change.

At that point, your attachment to this river is useless. You are effectively surrendering your autonomy as a person to an inanimate object- a net of memories. And yea, we love memories. But they are simply that; memories. With only memories, can you think? Can you experience joy, pain, misery, and uncertainty. Can you feel love?

What if wild salmon could only be caught in another river?

Your net knows nothing else but the same river it has grown up in. Do you stick with it, even though you know a different net may be more beneficial to your health? Do you leave home, the home that has defined your childhood? Either way, the decision is much harder than 1,2,3.

Or maybe its not.

If you’ve never had wild salmon, you’ll have no fucking idea whether or not you’ll like it. The only way to know is to eat it.

Sounds simple, right?

Wrong. Heres the catch.

You need a new net. If you try to catch wild salmon with your old, tattered net, you are going to really hurt it.

Heres the solution.

Try the new net. It may work wonders for you. There is a good chance it may be able to do things that you couldn’t dream of doing with oldie but goodie over there. Bassmaster classic, here we come.

And if flashy mcflash not for you, then its not for you. Go back to your old net. Maybe you were never destined to win the bassmaster classic.

But maybe you were.

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  1. pretty deep lance.... hard time?

  2. yea....i'll recover though. its good to get things out through writing

  3. soooooo true!!!!

    Oh my god! I this is the best analogy ever! Some people need to start taking new chances and leaving old feelings behind.

  4. Thanks, anonymous.. that was exactly what I was going for. i'm glad someone understands, haha

    GLD- writing something like that is manning up- its called being unafraid to say what you really think. I ain't neva scared

  5. Woah man I totally got your metaphor. The girl's needs to get a new net (i.e. you) to catch the wild salmon (i.e. you) in the other river (i.e. you) Are you a master of transfiguration? A shape shifter par excellence?

    But why do these two rivers apparently near to each other have distinctly different aquatic species? Is there some sort of environmental problem with the first river that means salmon won't go in it?

    How would a tattered old net hurt wild salmon? Wouldn't they just swim right through it? Or does a net become sharp as it gets old to make up for its failing ability to ensnare its prey?

    Why does your metaphor keep shifting? Is it literary genius? Or just that you really can't write? I dunno, my thoughts are flowing like the Olympic Torch. Fireflies across my eyes. Coast. Toast. Butter always tastes better on other things. Nothing. Something. EVERYTHING.