Monday, February 15, 2010

everyone always complains about how they have a case of the mondays. But they never do anything about it. like, if you are feeling that miserable, why don't you go to the doctor and get some medicine?

well, i guess it wouldn't always be the best bet to go to the doctor. cause usually it'll go away after a day. in fact, i've never heard of a case of the monday's lasting over 24 hours. what a weird disease. it just doesn't make sense. kind of like the guy who thought of writing a movie about a hot tub time machine.

Four out of the top 10 teams in college basketball are from the big east. thats 40% fort minor forgot to mention that in his song when he asks everyone to remember his name.

theres a really famous celebrity reading this blog, so i promised that this one would be extra extra funny. read all about it.

college stereotypes, continued

The Upton Sinclair: Upton doesn't like traditional college life, so he expresses himself in a way that demonstrates his hatred that is everything asher roth. he does this in the following ways.

-he goes to the library a lot, but instead of studying he spends all of his time smoking outside. in fact, you see him smoking so much that you consider buying him life insurance

-he is VERY into music, but you have never heard of any song on his i pod. actually, he has a zune. he hates anything mainstream, especially rap. but the worst part is, he cannot tell you the name of a single backstreet boys or n sync song.

- he further manifests his interest in music through his radio show, during which he plays bands that have names like 'dino velvet' and 'kettle chip city'

-he spends more time at coffee shops than anywhere else on campus

-the very last thing he would get involved in is student government

-he wears glasses even though he doesn't need them

-he shops at urban outfitters to compliment his lime green shoes that look like sneakers but are not really sneakers. in fact, this pseudo sneaker is probably its own company started by his friends older brother

-he does not own a pair of sweatpants.

-though everyone else would identify him as a hipster, he does not consider himself a member of hipsterville. yet he continues to describe everything as 'deck.' he is also a big fan of the word 'tragic.'

-his favorite movies are pulp fiction, a clockwork orange, and monty python. tragic.

-if upton goes to texas, usc, or michigan, he has never been to a football game. though upton is generally found at small liberal arts schools, so that is generally not a problem.

-upton has no friends that are republicans

-he would rather conintuously watch kazaam* for the rest of his life than join a fraternity
*insert equivalent worst movie of all time here

song of the day:

Little secrets: Passion pit

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