Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post disclaimer:

this is more serious, deep thoughtish than anything i have posted before. it doesn't flow (or hustle) with the rest of the blog. if you would like to skip to the next song on the playlist, i wouldn't be too offended. But if you are in one of those 'thinking' moods, read up.

you have been warned



Its beautiful because you don't know its there.

You go to college. you meet people. you study. you party. you have study parties. you make friends. you make enemies. you make frenemies.

you go to the dining hall. you go to the library. you go to the gym. you go to that club you are a part of because you are an interesting person and need to justify that interest by joining an organization so that other people think you are interesting, even though this club isn't the most rewarding and although it is sometimes fun, it tends to cut into a lot of your time and you wish you kind of toned down your involvement a little bit.

The way i just described that, it seems like your life is pretty boring. i don't mean to be judging you- my name isn't judy or anything. perhaps your life is more fulfilling than those really religious people that are infinitely happy that they have made peace with the L'awd. Hallelujah.

But then again, maybe its not. if you just hit the wall, and never had it all, I have some advice for you:

put your i-pod on shuffle.

maybe you haven't ate seafood in a while and are craving some good oceanside eats. Don't go to the dining hall. i know its easy and convenient and everyone else goes there, but sometimes its good to have a break in the monotony. don't be afraid to switch it up. the dining hall will always be there(unfortunately). Go to the tackle box instead. they have phenomenal fish taco's. .

join that club that you are very very interested in and know everything about because you have spent hours upon hours researching its mission and such but are slightly embarassed to join because you are afraid your friends won't approve and thus ridicule alienate you in some way. If they make you an outkast, they weren't really much of your friend in the first place. Plus, now you could hang out with andre 3000.

walk the longer, more scenic route to class. you may have to leave earlier, but it gives you more time to inhale.*

*no, im not talking about drugs.

run that extra lap at the gym. yea, i know that you are tired and may die mid-stride if you have to do more. but think of it this way:
-that would be one of the all-time coolest ways to die.
-theres gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me*
-you have the ability to keep running. if dory and marlin stopped swimming, finding nemo wouldn't have been a very good movie.
-this whole thing is a metaphor for something greater, but you probably have picked up on that by now

smile at someone you wouldn't ordinarily say hi to. You never know, you may have just smiled at your future wifey.

Putting your i pod (or zune, of course) on shuffle is definitely admirable. but I think you could do more:

Take someone else's i pod. listen to their music. step to their beats. dance to their rhythms. raise their roof.

If you don't, you won't have a chance to add their music to your library. And knowing them, they probably have some pretty good songs.

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  1. not doug funny. not cool. can't read the other two, so maybe my comment would be thought-provoking. Props mr. revolution. you can listen to my ipod any day...