Friday, February 5, 2010

You may not have heard, but its supposed to snow today.*


today, a few things of note happened. so naturally, i am going to note them. in my notebook. starring rachel mcadams.

-i caught an avid blog reader in the act of wexting. obviously thoroughly flustered, he tried to justify himself by protesting,

'its bbming! its not the same thing!'

i think not. yes, having a blackberry may make you cooler than the rest of the population. but even celebrities aren't above the law. just look at lindsey lohan, oj simpson, michael jackson, r kelly, mel gibson, charlie sheen, tiger woods, paris hilton, britney spears, some kardashian, t.i, lil wayne, lil kim, phil and lil, ted kennedy, ray lewis, rob lowe, russell crowe, and martha stewart.

anyway, among the barrage of compliments/death threats i have been receiving for writing this very thing you are reading right now, one of the paparazzi members said the following

'you have like, the dryyyyest humor. EVER!'

i wasn't really sure if that was a good or bad thing. i mean, if i was at one of those middle school pool parties thats at the beginning of june because its someone's birthday/they are trying to welcome in the summer but its only like 60 degrees and not sunny at all but they force everyone to go swimming anyway because even though the spring has produced uncharacteristically cool temperatures, if people are swimming than it MUST be summer, then it (having dry humor) would be a great thing. because everyone is always freezing at those shindigs. (yes, i just said shindig) and if you are the person that forgot your towel, or if your the person whose towel got stolen because someone else forgot your towel, then dryness is most def a weapon i would like to have in my arsenal.

but on the other hand, what if i was thirsty? or in the middle of the desert? in those cases, it would be flat out awful.

why is this important? well, its not. nothing is really that important in the long run. in fact, importance is one of the most arbitrary concepts since ever. because its all relative. but then again, so is your uncle.

back to the point. being a teenage male, hearing the phrase 'dry humor' naturally made me think of 'dry sandwiches.' i mean, they both have the word dry in them. which pretty much makes them more related to each other than phil and lil.

so heres the thesis of all of this unnecessary ranting. thinking of dry sandwiches made me think of wet sandwiches. and thinking of wet sandwiches made me think again about dry sandwiches. basically, all this thinking turned into this kind of world of warcraft/call of duty 4 in my head over which is better- a really dry sandwich, or a really wet one?

we will tackle that issue tomorrow. solving that problem in one day sounds just about as easy as beating world shpoople champion fjord van der plough in a game of shpoople.

song of the day: knockout, lil wayne

im not a big fan of this whole rock thing, but this song is different. it may sound strange in the beginning, but once it gets going, its good stuff points. wait till about a minute or two in to make your final verdict

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