Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No intro today. were going maverick. i don't really know what that means, but people say that. and since it sounds kind of cool, i figured i may as well jump on the bandwagon. they have trumpets.

College stereotypes, continued

The Laguna Beach/Blair Waldorf*: Although this specimen can be found at any college campus across the country, they will generally be hard to find at places such as the University of Minnesota because 'like eww, minnesota is sooo boring.' In fact, the one time she went to minnesota on a family business trip (her dad owns the mall of america- yea, the whole thing), she returned forever horrified after finding out that there are people in the world who actually eat chili. Though the trip wasn't entirely a waste, because she was able to purchase 10 new pairs of uggs- thats one for every day of the week. according to blair, thursday, friday, and saturday nights count as their own separate days.
Contrary to popular belief, this person actually is pretty smart. though instead of focusing this intelligence on academics, she often focuses it on manipulating her friends. though her friends don't really mind, because they do the same thing. plus, other people 'are like, soo not even worthy of us acknowledging them,' so they'd rather hang out with blair anyway, no matter how conniving she may be.
blair is only allowed to be from 5 places in the world-New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Orange County. Blair's friends are only allowed to be from 5 places in the world- New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Orange County. Well, thats actually not true, because her best friend isn't from any of those places, because her best friend is her blackberry. they hang out pretty much every second of every day.
Blair's wardrobe (of which she is very fond of) consists of Uggs, 15 pairs of sandals, 15 other pairs of sandals for her house in cancun (she actually has a whole other wardrobe in cancun, but its not as big as the one in her upper eastside penthouse), uggs, 10 pairs of shoes for going out, 10 pairs of shoes for going out to nicer places, and 10 more pairs of shoes for going out to even nicer places. she also has 115 pairs of leggings. im not even gonna go into the dresses- though thats mostly because i know nothing about them. but in case you want to know more, she has a whole section of her wardrobe devoted to her dresses. and her wardrobe is bigger than her bedroom and personal bathroom combined
Blairs 21st birthday party will be an extravagant open bar at this really nice club in Soho. they are usually pretty strict, but blair has been coming to this place for 6 years now and has never been carded. and because since its blairs birthday, they aren't going to card all of her 20 year old friends. though all her younger friends are girls, as her boyfriend is at the very least 2 years older than her.
Her family is good friends with the kennedy family. Blair's brother is an up and coming recording artist/actor. although he isn't very good, justin timberlake set him up with an agent, record deal, and producer. In his free time, Blair's brother wrecks shit up with his boys, bbmak.

speaking of bbmak, lets honor their greatness and give them the song of the day

song of the day: back here, bbmak

the video is priceless

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