Tuesday, February 23, 2010

move your hips, do your thing

We got a new post by the e six mafia on the featured writers page. pretty inspirational stuff if you ask me.

thankfully this is the last abbreviated post, as i am done with midterm madness tomorrow. ace factor tells me that the blog is the new facebook. thats pretty inspirational stuff if you ask me. though you didn't ask me, but i told you anyway. i have telepathy. it is also 3 am and its not raining. or actually, i don't know if its raining because i am getting some boom boom lau. for those of you who found that statement more nonsensical than that plastic stuff on toothpics, lau is the library at the wonderful beacon of learning that is georgetown.

sorry for the delirium mysterium. i haven't gotten much sleep in the past few days. in fact, jesse mccartney was talking to me when he wrote that song. 24/7. 365. pretty inspirational stuff if you ask me

i know im not making any sense right now. but illogical is the new logical. watch an episode of lost.

anyway, we got all these featured writers hitting up the blog. i must admit that im honored. plus, they keep calling me the lance lance revolution. keep calling me that, and maybe ill be in a history textbook one day. that would be cool. but it would also kind of suck, because then i would cost you money. and as we all know the best things in life are f r e e. that spells free. credit report.com baby.

so in a way these writers are stealing my thunder. but to be honest, im not too worried about my thunder, because it is rather loud, annoying, and almost as frightening as jacobin mugatu's fashion sense. as long as they don't steal my sunshine ill be fine. and that would never happen, caus i'd never even len(d) my sunshine to anybody. ever. so don't even try, you sneakster.

my bad about this excuse for a post. ill get back on track tomorrow with some real material.

song of the day (as requested by some avid blog readers. good work, this song is pretty inspirational stuff if you ask me):

Cam ron featuring juelz santana: hey ma

stay thirsty my friends,


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