Wednesday, February 24, 2010

suga suga how you get so fly

i was chilling with my homie celine the other day. you know, the usual stuff. driving around in the car, changing the radio between the same three stations because they all play the same music that we used to like a lot, but since the songs got overplayed so much we don't like them too much anymore. anyway, we started talking, and she asked me, "what do you say, to taking chances?"

There are a few things to note about that jumble of words:

1. Yes, i just referenced celine dion.
2. I mentioned that I was 'chilling.' This brings up a pretty important point in modern cool people talk. Although chilling metaphorically involves doing things that cool people would traditionally take part in (watching jersey shore, buying hair gel, loitering in town, or anything else that doesn't involve driving your sister to soccer practice and/or the sport of soccer in general), pronouncing the word 'chilling' in its entirety contradicts its overall message. Thus, you have to say that you are 'chillin.' otherwise, you will sound lamer than that guy in hey arnold who is always breathing behind helga. i believe his name is brainy. So for all of you jamiacan bobsled team members out there, just know that when you talk, you are not allowed to pronounce that last letter. Especially when you are chillin. otherwise you can't even feature lady gaga. We got that? Coo.

While we are on the subject of old nickelodeon shows, I would just like to mention that the hipster movement was started/launched/inspired/protested against/counter protested against/counter counter protested against/stopped/started again by 'Dougs' sister, Judy.

Today I decided to apply to this blog hub thing that these people at georgetown are trying to start. not only did that make me happier than those dancing people in the itunes commercials, but it also provided excellent blog material. For example, they asked me if I could have a superpower, what would it be?

I answered that I would like to fly because flying is sweet. consider the following reasons

1. Broomsticks are going out of style. They are a lot of work to maintain, they are expensive, and if you don't have the flashiest broomstick, draco might make fun of you. plus, they are kind of uncomfortable and hurt your butt.
2. I don't have access to a magic carpet
3. No offensive to southwest airlines, but i samuel l jackson isnt gonna be there every time to save me. and as for oceanic airlines? come on.
4. I could actually sing that R kelly song and not be lying
5. I could publicly call out rappers who claim that 'they're so fly.'
6. I wouldn't have to ask suga suga any questions
7. I wouldn't have to impress any girl ever again. I could just fly them to the moon.
8. annoys me. By flying, I wouldn't have to deal with their shenanigans
9. I could hang out with Jim Jones' crew. no lie. you know it.
10. If you don't end on an interval of 5, you don't deserve to be a list.

Props to the featured writers. They really came through in the clutch. pretty much the opposite of mighty casey at the bat.

anyway, sorry for my blogging hiatus. hell froze over, so i had to wait for it to melt. thankfully it did, so now im back here baby. missed you, wanted you, needed you so.

I know that I initially told you clowns that I would talk about procrastination, but if i did that, what kind of procrastinator would I be?

A bad one.

Thus, we will get to that at some point. just let me check facebook every 5 mintues, go on sporcle, read an article on espn, get food, play rockband, get more food, and check facebook again. o, and then i have to write 5 e-mails. Only one of them is actually important.

Anyway, the next little 'theme' we are gonna do was actually inspired by the e-six mafia. reading his post, that ingenious 'texting while dancing' move really got me thinking. and you all know what happens when i think.

well actually you probably don't. i don't even know what happens.

anyway, the next few posts are going to be a big party.even bigger than that one miley cyrus goes to.

why do I say this? well first of all, unlike her, i actually got the memo about the stiletto's. second of all, the next posts are going to be all about PARTY THEORY. wooooo!

i just used an exclamation point. that never happens, so that should give you an idea as to how excited i am.

Words of wisdom for the day: remember to charge your swag overnight, otherwise you probably won't be able to turn it on when you hop up out the bed.

song of the day is so good it speaks for itself

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