Thursday, February 25, 2010

gettin slizzard

did you hear about the kidnapping?

he fell asleep

Hopefully you still want to read, despite that joke.

Everything these days is really political. thats why im so into politics. in fact, i cant wait to express my opinion on that important issue because it relates in a big way to all those other important issues that are also really important and have a huge, huge, huge, impact on my everyday life. and i HAVE to express my opinion on these matters. Particularly bill 17b, amendment f, section 42.

and im being serious here. think about it. if i don't express my very valid, strong, and obviously correct opinion on that issue, whats the point of living in a democracy? because like, my vote is really influential and definitely directly impacts all those other laws that are passed that really affect my life. and since they affect my life so much, the person who I want to win has to win, because i know his stance on every single bill. and its not like hes going to completely deviate from his electoral positions when hes in office. that never happens. come on.

yea, i go to georgetown. hopefully everyone else here doesn't think like that. otherwise we'd be in more trouble than paris hilton that time when she went to jail for that really long period of time.

not a bad intro, don't you think? i promised you party theory, so lets get buck in here:

The Paul Wall: Paul's best friend is his last name. thats because when hes at the party, he never leaves him. what it do.
you'd think that at some point paul might get stiff, get thristy, or want to go talk to someone. Any of these occurrences would effectively force the usual person to leave his comfortable fortress located directly to the left of the dance floor. but not paul. consider the following reasons:
-Paul doesn't get stiff because his body has been leaning up against the wall for so long, it has actually seeped into the structure. thus, he could not move even if he wanted to.
-Paul does get thirsty. thats why he is holding a 3/8ths full cup of beer at all times. Amazingly however, he has not once made a trip to the keg. not just at this party. at any party. in fact, paul probably doesn't even know what a keg looks like, because the keg is all the way in the back. And even if there weren't 200 people awkwardly moving their bodies in a choppy mechanical way that isn't really in sync with the beat lodged in between paul and the keg, paul STILL wouldn't have moved from his spot.
-paul doesn't talk to people. people talk to paul. and when i mean people talk to paul, i mean girls talk to paul. and when i mean girls talk to paul, i mean that paul thinks hes so cool that he doesn't even have to say anything and the girl will automatically make out with him on the spot. and since he is so strategically positioned, he doesn't even have to move. how convenient.

Overall, paul is too cool for the party. thats why he doesn't partake in it. in fact, sometimes paul even brings his own headphones that are somehow louder than the music playing at the party. yet amazingly, paul can still hear you over his blarring playlist thats consists of DMX, busta rhymes, Ray j, crime mob, and juelz santana. aite.

by the way, paul is white. and he is probably wearing sweatpants. jeans would be too much effort. you have to button them.

If someone spilt beer on paul, he'd probably just shrug and continue texting that girl that he isn't really too interested in but this party is so boring so he might as well.

If you ever see a paul wall at the party, let them be. they are important to the dynamic. unless of course, you live in the house. I don't know about you, but I would rather not pay for a human-size hole in the wall.

song(s) of the day:

miss keke p.

keep it movin (ft. big meech):

keith urban: sweet thing

yes, i know some of you are all like. really? keith urban?

to you who say that, two things
-see last post
- i really enjoyed the comments from this devoted youtube user:
keith is kick ass
people call meh gay for liking his music but screw em i love his songs

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