Sunday, February 14, 2010

saturday sunday happy days

sorry ive been m.i.a the past few days. though i never actually learned how to make paper planes. like when everyone else was in fourth grade doing there thing with old handouts and tests, i was stuck in the origami stage.

the winter olympics started. high schools all over the world are in crisis mode, as all their janitors are competing in curling.

in other news, georgetown has school tomorrow. these days thats as common as a bro who doesn't like o.a.r.

anyway, back to the college stereotypes

the asher roth: asher has experienced everything that is worth experiencing. asher often goes to school that is across the country when he could have easily gone to the state school everyone else goes to. but the local school didn't suffice, because to asher, college is all about 'doing something crazy' thats why asher is majoring in something that isn't necessarily a real subject. but its ok, because asher has this kind of aura around him that will land him a job. nobody really knows how to describe it, but hes just got that it-factor. thats why when he walks across campus everyone gives him a high-five or some other weird cool people handshake, because he is cooler than zach sawyer:

when you do see him, he talks about college with this rapt, starry eyed expression like hes talking about his newborn child. and because he is such a ridiculous person, you start to wonder if he actually has a newborn child.

though he is a great guy, you sometimes get annoyed at him, because he is always talking about how awfully crazy last night was. the way he talks makes it seem like you have no idea what it is like to go away, even though you are doing the same exact things as him. though thats not entirely true. because asher does some of the most ridiculous shit you have ever heard of and somehow manages to avoid the cops/public safety/arnold schwarzenegger every single time. asher has the worst fake id, but somehow manages to supply entire parties with alcohol.

asher's wardrobe consists of shoes that are not made by nike or adiddas, jeans that he has purposely torn to make him look slightly cooler, and a t shirt that says something along the lines of 'girls come and go, but fantasy football is forever.' asher is very fond of his decently long hair, which he has managed to fade perfectly into his sunglasses, the most important part of his wardrobe. asher loves his sunglasses, and they are far and away the most expensive part of his wardrobe. he almost loves his sunglasses as much as he loves his mac.

song(s) of the day (don't want to shortchange you. that would be just about as nice as uncle ian from alvin and the chipmunks)
Taylor, Jack Johnson

ben stiller is in the video. awesome sauce.

If you're wondering if I want you to, I want you to, Weezer

coincidentally unforgettable

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